Are you looking for an edge in your sport performance? Room23 Psychology can help you achieve your goals.

Athletes and sporting organisations are continually seeking an advantage over the competition and it is the mental side of the game that is quite often the edge that they need. Room23 Psychology has the knowledge and experience to assist you achieve excellence in your sporting endeavour.

Sport can place great demands on athletes. Therefore, in addition to assisting athletes achieve their sporting goals, Room23 Psychology is equally concerned about assisting athletes achieve balance, and wellbeing away from the arena.

At Room23 Psychology, Damien has a passion for assisting individuals, teams, and organisations, whether younger or older, social or elite, achieve their sport and wellbeing goals. Below are some examples of the areas in which Room23 Psychology can assist you:

Whether you are seeking enhanced performance in the arena, or assistance with life away from competition, Room23 Psychology is well placed to assist you achieve your goals. Please do not hesitate to contact Damien to discuss your sport, exercise, and performance needs.