Difficult Conversations & Conflict Management

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Conflict Management is a skill, and some say it’s an art. Having difficult conversations, and managing the conflict that often results can be highly stressful, but there are skills that can help you. These skills are often applied in personal relationships, as well as the sporting area.

Resilience in Times of Uncertainty

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In furtherance to the request to provide resources to assist people in this time of the CoVid-19 virus, I have also put this video presentation together for people who are looking for further resources to assist in managing this period of uncertainty. Resilience is the action of bouncing back from adversity. We are all likely to experience adversity during this … Read More

Managing Anxiety in Times of Uncertainty

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With the entire world in the midst of the CoVid-19 virus, I was asked if I would put together a presentation on how to manage anxiety during this time of uncertainty. This video presentation is designed to answer that request and I hope that you find something helpful within it. Stay safe everybody.

Why Room23


A question that ultimately arises when I mention the name of my practice is - “why Room23”? When I was in High School, I had a friend by the name of Patrick.  We were both avid sports fans and played a lot of basketball together.  We would end up at either his place or my place playing endless hours of ... Read More