Introduction to Performance Psychology


In my initial blog on sport and exercise psychology, I defined sport and exercise psychology and gave an insight into how a sport psychologist might work with individuals and teams. I also discussed how individuals or teams might assess their need to consult with a sport and exercise psychologist. I would encourage those interested in the psychology of performance to ... Read More

What is Sport and Exercise Psychology?

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Many people ask me what I do and when I say I am a psychologist with a specialisation in sport and exercise psychology, they generally say something like “Cool, that sounds really exciting, … but what is a sport and exercise psychologist?” According to the American Psychological Association: “Applied sport psychology is the study and application of psychological principles of ... Read More

Why Room23


A question that ultimately arises when I mention the name of my practice is - “why Room23”? When I was in High School, I had a friend by the name of Patrick.  We were both avid sports fans and played a lot of basketball together.  We would end up at either his place or my place playing endless hours of ... Read More